An animation I made to accompany Sayonara Judge by the acclaimed Robyn Hitchcock; A portrait of Franklin Getchell and Murray Moss for Please Do Not Touch: And Other Things You Couldn't Do at Moss the Design Store That Changed Design published by Rizzoli; and a preview of The Second Celestial Archive Advent Calendar available in October.


My animation to accompany SAYONARA JUDGE by Robyn Hitchcock.

I first saw Robyn Hitchcock in my hometown, Cambridge, in 1976. He was playing with a fairly early incarnation of the Soft Boys. 

it seemed fitting for Cambridge to be the place for Robyn Hitchcock to emerge. He was doing something strong and unique but with a strong connection to Cambridge, the home of Syd Barrett and early Pink Floyd psychedelia. He has had special significance for me ever since.

The animation interprets Sayonara Judge as a book about a journey. There is a recurring, exultant, image coinciding with the chorus that looks with hope to the future, and images accompanying the verses of the song that are to do with erasure - a past wiped away - and sadness about what has been lost on the journey out. 

Fans of Victorian psychedelia will recognize the sinister whimsy of John Tenniel’s illustrations for Alice in Wonderland  that are used to accompany the final verse of the song. 

Some things always stick with you forever, such as the culture you grew up in, and in my case, White Ted, my 60 old teddy bear who plays the part of the teddy bear at the end of the animation. 

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My portrait of Franklin Getchell and Murray Moss

Please Do Not Touch: And Other Things You Couldn't Do at Moss the Design Store That Changed Design

Written by Murray Moss and Franklin Getchell

A witty and revealing memoir of the mid-1990s, when high design became art and there was no more exclusive club for high design than MOSS.

For almost twenty years the SoHo design gallery MOSS was the place where design, art, money, and glamour mixed. Murray Moss, the impresario behind the shop, and his partner, Franklin Getchell, were the leading arbiters of good taste and the new—launching the careers of now-established designers such as Studio Job and Maarten Baas while bringing back into fashion eighteenth-century porcelain and Tupperware. By mixing high and low MOSS shifted the design conversation from the galleries of MoMA to a storefront in SoHo. Please Do Not Touch is their witty insider confessions of that exciting time. Published by Rizzoli.


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The Second Celestial Archive Advent Calendar will be available from this web site at the end of October

Picture research by Stephen Ellcock, designed and published by Hugh Hales-Tooke. Please note A limited number of the first calendar will also be available at the end of October. image below.


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